The Assassin rework @meddler with poll

So, I've recently seen on one of the forums from meddler saying that the assassins are getting a rework sometime in the near future, and I'd like to find out a few things about it from the community, and meddler himself. 1) What is going to be changed on the Akali rework, or what is most likely going to be changed. (I've been playing Akali for a long time now and I feel that her burst damage is insane, which needs to be changed, but what makes her unique is that her ult can stick on to people really easily. Just an opinion from an Akali main 2) What is going to be changed on Katarina? (For this one, I'm hoping a near full blown rework since her kit is just extremely, I don't know how to describe it.) 3)Are you going to tamper with Diana if at all? (Right now to me she seems like she's in quite a good spot right now and is pretty balanced, because in order to go in, you need to land your q, or be punished with doing basically no damage. Maybe change her ult and how it works with her q but I think that's all she needs.) 4) How are you going to touch Zed if at all? (While I don't play much Zed, I think he's in a good spot right now, with a decent amount of counterplay, without being an underpowered snoozefest) @Meddler and the community please respond Thanks:)

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