Leblanc is such a great design.

Gets stomped in lane still one shots. Wins lane One shots 8/2 kha still can't outdamage having 12k dmg while lb has 16k. Not to mention all her kills were basically at the end.After getting completely stomped in lane by fizz. Good thing we have idiot proof champions.Great counterplay I mean we all have flash every 10 seconds to survive her 1 shots. Update - For everyone saying she needs "skill" her combo isn't skill. Point and click Q easy to hit w and you can't miss E if you are in their face. Although it might take skill to be FAKER level, doing her combo is not skill, it's easy and cheap. Same with yasuo he is easy to play. To play him at a god-tier level that's skill. Picking up a champ that's already easy enough isn't skill. Right now leblanc 1 shot is so straight forward its easy, maybe doing other things requires skill but not her combo. I'd say she does require great "skill" in the higher elo where things are harder. But that doesn't me she is hard to play at lower elos or hard to perform is braindead combo. You can't say a champion is difficult when you aren't doing the difficult part, you are doing the easy part. If it looked like you needed more than 2 brain cells to execute her 1 shot i'd be fine with it.But it's the easiest combo.YOU NEED FLASH TO COUNTER IT, unless you have a dash or something to get out. Lastly I get that she is an assassin but when she is fed you can't make 1 mistake or half your health if not all gets deleted. While throughout the whole game lb can make 50 mistakes and take it all back with a push of a button, Her passive or her ult and if all fails she will probably still kill you since her damage is absurd.
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