Here's the Thing about the preseason

It's the preseason. Try to be semi respectful when airing your frustrations, because all of these changes will be balanced out after Riot associates get the chance to see what works and what does not. What I'm saying is don't have a stroke, because winter is coming. Wait, balance. Balance is what's coming. Yeah, that. Until then, have fun. Play that broken Yasuo and Trynd. Throw an Ezreal Q that does 1200 dmg and heals you back to full health. Destroy some Garens with the flick of a wrist. Try out champs in roles you've never considered them in with brand new item builds. Remember, it's a game, and this isn't even as hard as the last preseason that had every jungler dying on its first camp. Think of this as a temporary game mode like URF where everything is insane and fast-paced. Have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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