Rage Fuking blade....

Well well well.... Riot .... Dear Riot... you fucked up. Example: Beat a champion 2/0 early game then he buys a rageblade then puts you into 2/5 for no godamn reasons beacause he does just way too much damage i don't even know why this item exist it's almost the dfg of ad champions It needs to be nerfed to his origins when only a couple of champions were able to buy it and make it work or even delete that item. I just feels like ever godamn ad champion that buys a rageblade is instantly op even a fuking {{champion:89}} rageblade could be op {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} <-- Delete this item . You deleted the best ap item now delete the monster ad you created That sounds like a tilted bronze . I don't even care Im just pissed off that this broken item is still not getting nerfed.
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