Doing well in ranked solo, but not winning or moving up

I'm a support main as of season 7 (jungle in s6) and I found I am significantly better as a support. Now instead of being feast or famine I do well in all my games. Of course, being a low elo (bronze) I make MANY MANY mistakes! But im not looking to get into any elo higher than silver right now, i just want to get out of bronze. Despite me doing well, I tend to loose a fair amount although I do well in most of my games. I almost never blame my team for mistakes and take the blame instead, I re-watch my games, notice the things I do wrong, and make improvements on them in the next game. However I'm still finding it difficult to climb. As a support I know I need to be the one with lots of map awareness and making most of the calls, but whenever I try to make a call, people don't usually follow up, despite it being a good call (baron with jg and 2 others down or push for inhib instead of dragon, then go back and get drag while enemy defends) so if anyone knows how to make my calls more prominent that would be awesome. But does anyone have any advice that could help me reach silver? Thanks!
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