Games have all boiled down to the same thing.

Lanes are decided at level 2-3. After this point it’s just starve the enemy out. The entire game is decided by 10 minutes, where whatever team managed to get a 10k gold lead off turret plates just hard stomps for 10 minutes. Comebacks just don’t happen unless the team ahead screws up so badly that they deserve to instantly lose There’s no feeling of “outplaying” your enemy anymore. It’s all just instant kills and team wipes over and over again until the team that has a crazy gold lead decides “eh, let’s end I guess.” It looks like I’m talking about the extreme hard stomps where ones team is just crazy stomping the other, but this is the average game now. The average game is, win hard or lose hard. There’s no close games. There’s hardly ever any comebacks. It’s all just one sided stomps.
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