i've committed a terrible crime ...

if you insult your fellow team members or the good players on your enemy your punishment is chat restriction if you afk or leave you will get lower queue priority if feed ..... ow .... owe ?? ... ow yea that doesnt have a punishment but my crime is far far worse .... i dared to go on a wining streak and won 10 games in the row and as the punishment i got a losing streak for 13 games in the row 10 win in the row .... where the games were so easy i felt like im playing yoyo ... i could close my eyes and win them .. no fun at all and suddenly i get to promo ... and there i go with a team that give first blood in 2 minates somehow ! ... with an enemy that plays like gods .. and the games are just not winnable .... shout out to the creator of match making system {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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