"It's just a Normal"

Just because you are playing a normal game, doesn't mean you are therefore forwarded the right to waste my fucking time and troll. You may be having fun playing {{champion:114}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:44}} and feeding, but you are fucking over 4 people that want to win a game of LoL. Wasting 20 minutes of my life to run around the map and let the other team kill us all. If you do this, I FUCKING HATE YOU. In other games you can leave, and find a different game with less trolls, but not League. I have to wait til at least 20 minutes before I can surrender, and i need 3 other people for that. God forbid you are doing it with a buddy. Then you add another 15 minutes of my time wasted cuz you thinks it's funny to die. Who in the hell has fun LOSING. Obviously, i'm angry, but i need to vent. -Uth
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