Why Riot Dont Accept The Fact That Current MatchMaking is Terrible?

if u check my last Solo Ranked Games. i won them all.im on a 8 win streak in soloq. so this is not a RANT after a lose. But the thing is even in my wins i dont have fun. skill diffrence is so high. my Wins are under 20 minutes and my loses are also under 20 minutes. when i go in a game its either my team so stronger then them that we just hard win 3 lanes and game ends in 15 minutes or they are so much stronger then us that game becomes a fiesta and they swap lanes in 7 minutes and i face their 10-0 ADC and support top.i mean games are over before the laning phase ends. usually i dont play For win. i just play to get better at the game and To be honest in these games i learn nothing.i cant get better at game when game ends in 10-15 minutes. and its literally every game like this. but for some reason RIOT dont do anything and dont admit that this matchmaking is broken it needs rework it needs changes players are suffering in ranked. im so tired man . so tired of posting on this boards and no body cares. i want to play League and enjoy it but i cant.

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