This meta is so stupid and I love it.

- Our mid laner goes Blitzcrank and wins against Zoe while ganking every other lane. - My adc went Kha'zix while I was tabbed but we destroyed Ezreal anyway and won lane really hard, our jungler went Taliyah which is weird but who cares. - I can build literally anything and no one will say a word. No boots? Meta-breaking! Banner rush? Free tower! Ohmwrecker? No what the hell. - Adcs are stuck with pool noodles and plaster swords - Everything is changing so fast that no one is entirely sure what the meta is, everyone is either just playing whats OP or what they like. - Unorthodox and cheesy tactics in solo queue are becoming more common and teammates are more willing to play along with it.(Ex. Utility Mid laner that lets their Jungler hypercarry take all the farm.) _**I for one like the Scuttle Crab changes :^)**_
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