Kha'zix needs buffs in 6.3 not anymore QoL buffs. IMO he needs buffs to scaling / isolation

Hi guys Nutty Master tier kha'zix OTP here. You might know me or you might not but i want to discuss Kha'zix. Currently he doesn't have a role like he use to. Season 5 even though it was tank meta Kha was perfectly balanced and thrived at picking out isolated alone low health targets. He would get rewarded for good play by doing so much damage on isolated targets you could get in and out. Punished for bad play by jumping isolated targets that had friends near by but just not close enough to stop isolation. Currently on patch 6.2 he can't even do his job of assassinating anymore. I'm 90% sure this is due to the lack of armor pen in the game now and taking out Last whisper Kha no longer feels like a late game champ he feels just decent in the mid game and that's it. His early game is meh if the enemy team plays smart and his late game just feels so bad now. I'm afraid to admit it but currently tank / bruiser kha is better than assassin built kha right now. You can go steraks, deadmans, blackcleaver for the best 1v1 brawling and less chance of dying. The other day I had the best game i've ever played as Kha. I started 11/0/5 and we were up 5 towers and the score was 20 to 9. I solo carried the game but they had Gangplank and ezreal so they literally just out scaled us because I couldnt dive or do anything they could straight up just win a teamfight no matter how ahead we are. Even at 11/0/5 i felt beyond useless at that point i played the entire game perfect but it didnt matter how good i player simply because i picked Kha'zix we lost the game.. I miss season 5 Kha where he was meant to be an assassin built straight damage and hard to play. Now I cant get rewarded for any good plays i make because Kha simply can't do his job anymore. I've had countless times where i thought to myself "okay im 4/0 theyre only 1/2 and theyre isolated im up 2 items so i can 1v1 them" i play the fight perfectly but still lose and die in a 1v1 just because they picked a better champion then me. It's literally been driving me crazy Kha's current state and I want to see change. I've tried to reach out to multiple Rioters but they either never respond or respond once with "New assassin item coming out soon he wont see buffs till after" THE ITEM WONT EVEN BE BUILT ON HIM. I promise you when that item comes out it wont be built on Kha unless it sees changes to fit him more. Now with all that said I don't want an overbuff or some MONSTER buff. I just want a slight tune in numbers so he can get rewarded for play. I think Kha'zix is 100% smooth as is he doesnt need anymore QoL changes or it's just going to make him overloarded or clunky. Tbh i think they should revert the W buff in patch 6.2 (keep the R because it's actually useful in 0.0001% of situations). I just want riot to actually buff him on 6.3 come to me or post about it and receive feedback instead of these under the counter buffs they've been adding that literally do nothing. Kha is in desperate needs of buffs but he needs buffs to his isolation and scaling so he cant be built tank again. I miss my bug and I've taken a break from streaming and everything just because i cant play kha right now. It's really upsetting and I hope i get feedback from riot soon to show they know and care about Kha and all Kha players. Sorry if the formatting or something is messed up I literally never post on boards
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