Please stop adding 0 counterplay items

True damage shouldn't be a normal thing. You added it to Conqueror already, and I'm not ashamed to admit (because I'm not dumb) I use it on champs like Yi to shred tanks like tissue paper. Now you're adding it on an item...Why is no on outraged at the lack of counter play? Also buffing mages, why are you buffing mages damage instead of bringing others down to where mages are? Have you ever considered that mages were healthy and everyone else was the broken ones? Why is it always more damage, why do people have to melt in 2 seconds? Little off topic from the 0 counterplay of true damage but come on. I'm not playing into true damage because I like it, but because it's stupid not to. I don't like it. It belongs on things like Chogath ult, not everyone in the entire game. I admit though, the rylais +5 AP gets me a bit excited...Seriously though, stop adding damage without defense.

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