This season just hasn't been good

This season has been lacking in so many ways, and I think it's mainly a "budget thing". It's clear that the money we spend on "prestige skins" is not primarily going back into the game anymore, but rather you put it into other side projects that are anything but league. Riot decided to spent a lot of resources this season to develop TFT. But also "rumors" suggest an mobile phone version of LoL has been in the works and are close to an release, also a "fighting game" is supposedly being created and lastly an MMO (possibly). All of this is taking up resources and has made it feel like League of Legends is on a very tight budget this season. New champion presentations don't come with much anymore. We haven't seen rotating game modes in forever. Riot must already have most of the code for these rotating game modes, but are too low budget to tweak it a little so it works with new champs or something, I don't get it? Twisted treeline are scheduled for removal (a mode you just never do a patch for is taking up "so much" resources, idk?). The amounts of bugs have been just rampant this season, I watch e-sports and basically every best of 5 there is one or more games that has to be paused (due to bugs in the game). Worlds will probably be no different and filled with pauses and bad viewer experience due to riot rarely fixing bugs this season. Most players I have on my friend list are semi-active nowdays at best, but a lot of them haven't logged in for months. This season you've done a bad job and I'm haven't been excited looking forward to what riot is gonna "present next", because you never present anything anymore, you used to have fun surprises around the corner like doombots, poro-king, cool cinematic in loading screen with good music, fun missions etc. Now it's a new overpriced skin. Skin quality even have gone downhill (while prices go up or stay high) I just don't think most new skins are that good overall. The ranked experience just hasn't been good either. Everyone is smurfing in low ELO, everyone is going AFK in high ELO for the smallest thing and couldn't care less (because they know they won't get punished for going AFK, other than a small LP hit). Remake option is super buggy, u literally pray that it will work this time but often you can't remake even when a player clearly hasn't left fountain ONCE. You lost passion, decided to not bet on this anymore. Decided to just do the bare minimum and you lost lots of players this season due to that. And I lost a lot of people on my friend list. If all "friends" go maybe I go too, idk.
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