Riot heres how to nerf champions correctly

MORGANA Q duration 1.2 lvl 1 lvl 2 1.4 lvl 3 1.6. lvl 4 1.8 lvl 5 2 or 2sec at all ranks Sylas if his heal is proced in combat in a short duration it cant proc again or nerf it down to 50 at all ranks 4 days break and still this game screws my mind and makes me mad that you clearly incapable of addressing this dumb bs game Nerf cinderhulk cost increase it buy 100 g or 150 ALSO NERF THE CREEP BLOCK IM SICK OF GOING TO WARD AND GETTING FOREVER STUCK ON MY CREEPS Get Volibear off toplane Plus nerfs jax attack speed scaling 1.19% at lvl 8 are u joking ???? with out one dagger faster attacks than spinning blades of a helicoptor !!
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