Biased Matchmaking

I am asking for genuine thoughts, this isn't a rant but I would like some perspective. It seems that my win rate is much much higher when I am not in my promos and when I am not playing with a duo in Solo/Duo Queue. I have about a 55% win rate as a jungle but I am hard stuck in Gold 2-3. I don't know why you can be hard stuck if you have a win rate above 50%. My team is far worse during promos and far worse when I am with a duo. League is the only game I have played that you can grind all day long on and make no progress. Frankly, It seems like it is the goal of the game - keep you from climbing UNLESS you are absolutely amazing at the game. I know people will say, "play better u suck", but honestly - I have a 64% win rate with Nunu (main - 58 games) but I cannot climb because the promos seem so rigged. Is this something Riot acknowledges? Do other people share in this frustration or have the same problem? Thanks!
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