Is the game really in a good balance state right now?

I honestly feel like league is turning into a "everyone is broken so no one is broken" type of situation but what puzzles me is that I see no complaints about some of the champions I deem broken, so help me out here, tell me why these champions are healthy and balanced, maybe throw in some tips to fighting them. {{champion:14}} {{champion:31}} These 2 fuckers. I just don't understand why someone building full tank should outdamage me when I'm going full damage. They bully me in lane, and even if I manage to be even in cs they get incredibly huge come late game, they beat me in the 1v1, and yet their team fight is much better. I feel so helpless playing against one of these things, I really want to kms just seeing them in the loading screen, cause I know I have to be at the top of my game just to not get shit on, and yet the reward is nothing. {{champion:141}} I've played so many games where kayn gets absolutely destroyed early on, and as soon as he gets his red/blue form he's 12-6, his blue form one shots so effortlessly, while his red form is more of a duelist type character. Idk, I just feel there really is no shutting him down, that whatever I do, this guy will get fed. {{champion:55}} Now this one I'm sure you're all familiar with, she's 0-3 in lane, 1 skirmish later she's 3-3, then gets gunblade and turns into 23-3. Much like Kayn it really feels like there is no situation where she can't comeback. And in lane, if I'm an immobile champion I really can't do anything, it's very difficult to punish her because of her dashes. {{champion:41}} Gangplank's lane phase has changed from a dance of back and forth trades, mana management, wave control, and really close calls, to QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Honestly is anyone happy with Gangplank's current state? I mean the mains used to spam Q even before grasp/klepto happened, but now it's ALL you have to do to win/survive lane, it feels so boring playing him right now. Winning lane feels cheap, losing lane feels like shit. And his late game doesn't even have the satisfaction it used to have, because now the build is all wonky. What with having to build PD to get the most out of stormrazor, and IE being horrible on him now, along with the latest sterak's nerf making it a sub-par item, but the best choice nonetheless. Am I going insane? or is the game? /rant
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