What's the point of Hail of Blades?

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qMvKxlYIv2M/Wut2QWZb0QI/AAAAAAAA-5A/IIHuwtvVk8wZ6_-tot81Rf6w4rSsNi66QCLcBGAs/s1600/hailofblades.jpg If it's only going to be used by a small pool of champions? (Ex: {{champion:5}} example provided by Riot) It's going to be like the Rune Predator upon release that was only picked for Hecarim at first, it's still quite an underpicked Rune when compared to other Runes since only currently (Warwick - sometimes, Rammus - rarely, Annie - by Anniebot, and Nunu) use it. Many others have also said that Attack Speed based Rune doesn't belong in the Domination path, and I agree. When I heard of a new Rune that was going to be released I was really excited, but later on I was a bit disappointed with the current outcome. It's literally just a renamed Lethal Tempo combined with Press the Attack mechanic. I mean really Riot? There were so many other options that could of been considered. If there was a struggle to figure what Rune to give to the Domination Path why not give other Paths Runes (that need them) that you might or might not have ideas for while you come up with something to add to the Domination Path. I know for a fact that a lot of players miss Deathfire Touch, and we were told by Riot that it was replaced by Aery but that Rune feels more targeted towards supports or Enchanters in particular (also what many people on boards have said).
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