I don't get it

Pissed beyond belief. Get promoted to silver 2 last night. I lose one straight after, then win one. Proceed to fucking lose three in a row, with the last two being like this: Nocturne and Jinx, both bots. Nocturne more than Jinx though as he just stayed bot almost the whole time, never spoke or pinged, and NEVER went for any objectives. Instant loss. Next game- bot lane had to go against a stupid ass kill lane of Singed and Blitz. Safe to say they got wrecked and proceeded to get roasted because of that cheating ass bot lane. Thanks to them, I'm now demoted. Like wtf. I don't get this stupid matchmaking system of having to put you at 50% win ratio. And makes it even worse losing to two games like that and demoting thanks to a stupid off meta bot lane. PISSED! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
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