Stop Asking For IP Skins! MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!!!!

We all get it! You play a free game and expect everything to be free that comes along with it right? Wrong! Just because it is a free game does not mean riot should make everything obtainable from just playing the game. They have to make money too some way. Making ward skins and champion skins cost IP would completely ruin riot. They make all there money off of RP and that's how it always will be. If you are in such dire need of money get a job then. If you are not old enough to get a job then stop complaining! Just because you do not have a certain skin or a ward does not mean you will play any better or worse. It is just ways for people to show off there support for riot in general and the game itself. From buying RP you keep the game alive as well as the community. Something that I was going to add but a guys comment was spot on about it: DivinityArcane (NA) - 22 minutes ago People complain about the weirdest things.. Let's go over some simple facts here. Riot Games is a company operating with around 1,000 employees. People who need to put food on the table for their families. Any adult would realize what this means. LoL has been free from day one. RP is their main income, but it's not required to play the game. Things that cost IP exclusively are like that to reward players who put more time into the game. Things that cost RP exclusively are like that to offer customization to players for their favorite champs, or to allow newer players to buy some things quicker. You may think that $20 of RP you just bought was a lot of money, but divide that by 1,000 after taking overhead fees out of it. That's barely income, if any at all. So if you feel like you have to use that $5 in your pocket to get that shiny ward skin, you both a) don't have to do anything; and b) shouldn't resent Riot for the small thanks you just gave them for providing you with one of the better F2P games on the market. Anyway, that's just my opinion. If people honestly don't like having to pay money for skins, they really have no idea how much work goes into making just one of those skins these days.
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