Riot, don't ever make an announcer pack like this again.

Stick to hiring professional voice actors and script writers like you did with the Gangplank announcer. This announcer pack is so bad it's actually at SMITE's quality of shit voice acting and writing. For those who don't know: The third person MOBA game SMITE is notorious for making the most cringeiest voice packs/announcer packs for their game. Most of the skins in that game always have to make a stupid corny pun that nobody finds funny. infact if you own a skin and a VO pack that is annoying for VGS (voice pings) people will tell you to stfu. Like most of that game's skins have new VO from various voice actors who voice the same God (aka Champion). My brother and friend were complaining about the the announcer pack being too cringey and annoying to listen to they wouldn't stop complaining about it. I told them I've had the announcer volume muted since season 6 (I'm so sick of hearing that woman's voice) I thought these guys were pulling my chain after they told me there is a new Announcer because riot doesn't really care about keeping announcer packs like riot doesn't care about game modes. So for once in nearly 2 years I turned on the announcer voice (with the exception of Starguardian Ahri Announcer which i liked).... after 5 minutes of team fights, me getting a triple kill and baron. I fucking turned the announcer voice straight away. Riot you can do better work than this. Keep in mind Riot i'm not against you making new announcer packs but you can do better than this shit... So please do better next time. I'm sorry to some of the readers who read this may go "yo man calm down it's just something riot made. No need to be such an asshole about it." but I have to be a critic here and shit on their work for this crappy announcer pack. I'm not trying to make myself look like an unlikable asshole but people should tell creators that their work is shit so the creator can see the problem and do better. I should also remind you that Sewnchaos Blitzcrank and Amumu were going to be released but didn't because they were complete shit.
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