A little miffed by one thing that complicates climbing as an All Rounder.

Okay. I haven't played much so maybe someone's already covered this. I've been occasionally placing different roles on my low elo account, and discovered the following: I received Top 100 LP after I won a "Fill" Support game, which put my Support into Promotions. _**However: Apparently, just to get that 100 LP on Top to Promotions, I have to win ANOTHER game just to get to Top promotions.**_ I cannot understate what I just said: _**To Multi-rank, you literally have to get the equivalent of 120+ LP just to Promote. **_ And..... if you play ANY OTHER ROLE before that 1 game, your splash can drop you down. This is going to lead to some insane problems: -You will have to play 20% more games to climb overall. -You will still have to deal with promotions and the LP loss within it. -You have to play 4-5 times as many games JUST TO Progress your secondary roles! I Don't know about you, but I don't have time for 14,000 games a year. There's only 8,760 hours in a year! Last year I clocked about 3000 games! I'm getting older. League's community as a whole is getting older. Does Riot know what happens when players get older? -They get families, jobs, school, and have to pay bills. And.... THEY HAVE A LOT LESS TIME TO PLAY GAMES

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