Fighters have strayed too far from their original designs

Back then: fighters mostly had any combo of {{item:3078}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} and then they would go full tank. Anything more than 2 damage items was considered risky/cheesy and the "full AD" builds got pretty famous for making good clickbait videos; they were also very squishy going that. Fighters primarily did a lot of damage through surviving long enough to deal it. This design made a lot more room for pretty much every fighter to be at least pickable even if they weren't in a favorable meta, unless they were just weak champions (pre-rework Fiora for example). Fighters relied mostly on base damages and attack speed. Tank items did not suck so this was a good decision. Fighters had limited mobility. Fighters did not generally have high defense-piercing but could beat tanks through attrition with equally high defense. Now: Items like {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3508}} encourage fighters to just keep buying AD; full AD is no longer risky; because of this, early-game divers are currently dominating, because they no longer have to "fall off" by buying tank items and will now remain relevant for most of the game. Damage is more front-loaded than ever and most fighters have "full AD" being very close to their core because full AD is now shored up by having lots of HP. Fighters now rely on very high AD scaling and combos and mobile fighters can sometimes have the same kill speed as a dedicated assassin with almost none of the weaknesses that come with being a squishy Zed. Tank items suck, and even if they were good there's likely no way fighters would change back to that way of playing when this current build is so effective. Many fighters are now very mobile, generally with a negligible penalty for their mobility. Fighters that can't adapt to the new builds find themselves ranging from mediocre to underpowered, either shifting away from being fighters or just being bad champions in general. Fighters are now expected to have high defense pierce, and with tanks now being designed around this premise, any fighter who _doesn't_ will "enjoy" getting their shit pushed in by Ornn all game. Ironically, fighters now scale worse than they did before; but the current game state exists in such a way that you basically will never see the game last long enough for the dominant fighters to get out-scaled. I would like at least a partial return to the former, or at least making it a viable option again. Currently this situation has been very detrimental to juggernauts who, with exceptions for Illaoi and Aatrox, rely _very much_ on having high defenses through items and winning fights through bulk and sustain. Or at least, that's how they're supposed to; right now it's just better to keep squeezing as much damage into your build as you reasonably can, because you're actually losing out greatly by buying any raw tank items.
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