The most necessary skill to climbing

For people looking to improve their ability to climb in any elo, I just want to throw out there whats helped me improve my winrates the most while learning game. Analyze the situations... and dont always commit just because ur team does. This skill will always be a work in progress, and u'll never be perfect at it. But if ur someone who always follows the teams calls, or is scared to get flamed for not going in even though ur outnumbered or fighting from a bad spot, then ur winrate will never get much higher than 50%. I did this for along time because there rly isnt a way to gauge the outcome of a fight without the experience to know its gonna get u killed. But once u get better at that aspect, being able to get SOMETHING done during the time u would otherwise have been dead is the keymark of a good player. Could be shoving out a lane or w/e. Just to give people an idea of things to focus on for improving their own gameplay going into s10. GL
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