New summoner spell idea :D

Since riot refuses to buff towers due to game time, and everyone complains about tanks turret diving 2v3 or 2v4 bot lane, or {{champion:8}} just resetting turret aggro, and taking no damage, how about we make a summoner spell kinda like ignite or exhaust, that marks a target champion and the turret will ALWAYS RE-TARGET TO THIS CHAMPION WHEN THEY ARE IN TURRET RANGE. This debuff lasts for around 5 to 7 seconds. It would prevent squishy's/turret reset champs {{champion:245}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:238}} From being able to tower dive so easily and assist in removing long sieges from champs like Caitlin. As the turret will re-target these champs regardless. Also, if you know your gonna die bot lane anyway from a dive, you can mark the adc to give yourself some time for allies to make it to bot lane to save the turret, as the enemy team just lost 1 champ pushing(2 if your both taking it) preventing the early bot lane shenanigans.
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