Preseason is there to fix the issues in the game, not to add gimmicks.

Remember season 3? * Overhaul of the games item system. * 11 removed items (including Dodge) * 23 reworked items * 25 new items * Boot Upgrades implemented * Shop changed into the format we enjoy today * Smart Pings added * Surge and Rally removed * Reworked Leashing * Updated Masteries There were a few questionable changes, sure, (Nobody liked the League of Black Cleaver, and Teemo has never been the same since Malady was removed) but Riot did an effective job at overhauling their item shop, laying the groundwork for everything that followed. How about season 4? * Heal reworked, now the staple summoner spell for ADC's over barrier * Trinkets added * Permanent, visible pink wards. * Support Item overhaul * Updated Masteries... again * The beginning of featured gamemodes Another really solid preseason, fixing up the support role and the vision game in general. Meanwhile, look at the changes for the last few preseasons. * Preseason 8 was mostly Runes Reforged, which honestly just broke more thing than it fixed. * Preseason 9 was turret plating, increasing T1 tower durability at the cost of massively increasing the amount of snowballing in lanes. * Preseason 10 seems to just be about powercreeping Dragon buffs to hell. ...can we go back to the old ways, please? If you want these cool gimmicks, that's fine. Put them on new champs, new gamemodes, new maps. Just please, fix what we already have.
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