got permabanned because i was stating facts about toplane

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i cant even have a solo lane for 3 minutes anymore and i cant even lane anymore against tanks with jax without fevor you will ill accept this piece of shit and just play? of course im going to be upset im not a FKING BOT maybe you are riot games but not me i have feelings too.the fact that i was d2 last season and plat 2? because of your autistic balance team just makes me want to spit all rioters. started at season2 and never ever once ive got any bans until season 8 maybe you should try to read my chat logs and see my rank and see wtf is wrong with toplane? why i was from diamond2 to platinum2 all of a sudden in season8? is it because there is something wrong with your game? feels bad i was 14 and ive saved all of my lunch money to starve in order to buy those skins and this is the reward i get in the end a permaban? for WHAT BEING HONEST? shame on your balance team
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