New Immobile Bruiser Item

Hi All, I've got an idea for a new bruiser/tank item that would be more or less exclusive to juggernauts, tanks, and other beefier, less mobile bruisers. It goes in the same vein of ideas that Moody P recently mentioned in one of his posts of giving more items with special effects/actives. The idea here is that, as the game is filled with more and more CC, mobility, and generally overloaded kits from new champs and reworks, older champs that or more properly built around strengths and weaknesses will suffer until updated. Ok so here it is: Item Name: Champion's/Gladiators Pauldron (generic name) Physical Description: A single large bulky shoulder pad made of steel or stone, with either a very blunt, thick center, or a spike. Stats: -30 armor -250 hp -15 AD Unique Passive - Strong Side: Reduces enemy damage coming from either front right, or front left quadrant direction by 5% (+10 damage for every 40 bonus armor or 25 bonus magic resist). The purchaser must choose the pauldron as either front right or front left upon purchase and stick with the decision throughout the game. Unique Active - Shoulder Smash: (60 second CD) The user can dash for 300 units in a direction. If the user makes contact with enemy champion, monster, or minion, the dash deals 50 (+.25 bonus armor, + .1 bonus AD, +.015 bonus HP) damage to that target, grounding the target for .25 seconds, plus causes a small aoe 25% slow (200 unit diameter) for 1 second. However, this active comes with an HP requirement. Champs that don't meeting hp threshholds throughout the game aren't "strong" enough to make this dash. Aka, most mages, dps bruisers, adcs, assassins, etc, aren't going to have enough hp to use it. An example would be something like "user must have 150 (+50) bonus hp/lever in order to use active (1,050 bonus hp at lvl 18), and this bonus hp does not include the bonus HP on this item. This way, in order for someone like yasuo, irelia, jax, yi, etc to try and get the extra dash and cc in their kit, they'd actually have to sacrifice a significant amount of damage to build enough hp through items or runes. Yi couldn't just build frozen mallet and be good to go. The idea here is that while it offers base stats, the active and passive are what would really make this item valuable. The armor, hp, and AD are all subpar compared to any specialist defensive or specialist item, and even the damage reduction alone, while valuable, wouldn't be enough to make this a great item, therefore, for juggernauts and tanks to buy this item, they'd take a reduction in bonus stats efficiency, but gain a nice active tool to balance it out. The dash isn't even that far, nor is the damage or slow duration very potent or long. What it would do is smooth out some weaknesses for some champs, while also smoothing out their strengths by offering less base survivability and resistances. And it's sort of like a mage's protobelt, but instead for tanks and juggernauts. Obviously, this is more of a concept introduction, I don't have an opinion on actual stats or item pricing.
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