Its been 2 years since we were promised a fix for the Lee Sin Quick+Self Cast bug.

Patch 7.11 notes
Q, E, and R deal more damage. W spawns Voidlings based on Malzahar's spellcasts. Voidlings are less threatening early. W - Void Swarm Click to expand Voidlings gain attack speed per level. Overall damage lower early, higher late. Voidlings die faster. NOT SQUISHED All other sources of damage (ex.
And yet still nothing's been done about it. This champion is unplayable to me because of it. I use Quick + Self Cast for everything. Its muscle memory, been playing for 10 years. Sure I could sit here for the next 3 weeks and try to re-train my brain to think differently about how to play this game and what the controls are, but I just don't think the onus falls on me, and I don't think that's a fair expectation considering every other champion ability in the game behaves the way it should, and this is, in fact, a bug. I shouldn't have to modify the way I play based off an exception. The bug should be fixed, like we were PROMISED it was going to be! Riot said this would be fixed "In a later patch" in the 7.11 patch notes. We're on 9.21 Cmon.
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