Dont just nerf Redempion riot!!!!!

Let me just say that redeption is an objectively busted item. It provides absolutely massive aoe heal for a team in a relatively free manner and provides massive true damage when paired with any sort of aoe initiation. Even in a game like dota where items can stun or let you turn invisible this item would be considered busted for its stats and price when downscaling the defensive stats and providing a similar active. That being said THIS IS THE POWER LEVEL SUPPORT ITEMS SHOULD HAVE. They should feel cool to use and setup. so riot what everyone who plays your game really wants isnt for you to nerf the impact of the item. recommended changes (i urge the boards as well to provide constructive ways to make this item more fair without removing its impact) -Multiple instances of redemption heal/damage cannot stack on the same champion (much like heal or locket) -Range nerfed to 1600 -Cannot be used while dead Those are just my thoughts on what i would like to see changed. Please share your own and for the love of god please rito make sure support is a fun role.
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