Jungler Watches Me Die Instead of Helping. Stop the stupidity.

Really really irritated about my last game. I was destroying mid lane 8/1/2 and had a lot of damage onto the mid turret... Managed to roam bot to get a kill.... Now my jungler hides near the mid lane, targeting their mid laner with a ping.... I bait their veigar towards the bushes and engage with my ult, followed up with my Q/W and shield on Morgana and auto him... Now my jungler eve runs out of the brush and right up beside us... she stands there... then she walks past veigar.. does nothing.. now I'm almost dead and we're trading autos and veigars cooldown hit first, he nails me, I die... Then Eve backs off.... She said sorry, she was trying to feed me the kill... but honestly, WTF. I wouldn't have STOOD THERE if I knew she wasn't going to help, I would have juked more, ran back, kited.... I was baiting the veigar to Eve and then baiting the fight to make it seem like it was even so Eve could come in for the kill/assist like she was pinging for..... My team got all mad at me saying "Well it's your fault you can't secure a kill".... Shaking my head....Again, my point... If Eve wasn't there, I would NOT have played the fight that way... I would not have all in'd and blown all my summoners, i would have kited and juked more... I was friggn' trolled my my jungler and I got so irritated it tilted me for the game and we ended up losing.... Why would my Jungler not even auto attack once.... It's not like I was CLEARLY winning that fight, we were trading autos at like 100 HP each... And she still didn't bother securing the kill.... didn't auto at the start or use a single ability.... Why ping? I get so irritated with junglers sometimes. It totally ruined the game. Why hide in the bushes and then ping if Eve was only going to run out, sit there and watch "hoping i get the kill".... Why did Eve bother to come and ping then?
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