A buff that could bring Kindred back to to the spotlight

First of all I would like to pardon my english I know its not the best. After that's said and done let's get right to my idea. What if the marked target from Kindred is the ONLY thing that can die in her ult? Now before you tell me that this is bat-shit-crazy because then she could tower-dive 24/7 without risks or consequences how about that, that the effect is disabled if the enemy is in a range of an allied tower. With these changes you would also be more scared when getting marked by a Kindred instead just "I guess I'm marked now". What do you guys think about it? I'm nowhere near experienced with Kindred so im sorry on that regard I just had an idea and wanted to hear your opinions on this. Also I'm sorry if this idea was already posted, if that's the case I would be happy if you sent me a link so I can edit this post to get the attention to the main post.
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