What I don't understand about conqueror...

Why make bruisers, and even juggernauts, the direct counter to tanks, when traditionally that was the adc job? Now Adcs, Juggernauts, and Bruisers (fighters) are the counter to tanks simply cause conqueror exists. This is perhaps one of the biggest balance blunders ever created. A fighter can now destroy a tank as if they are just another fighter with how little the defenses that the tank is building matter. Health is destroy and resistances lowered due to common items. I just don't get it. How come tanks are currently the weakest class in the game? They have absolutely nothing that makes them a dependable champ compared to the rest of the classes. They do not counter anyone. And no, tanks are not meant to be counters to assassins. Teamwork is the counter to assassins. Tanks were meant to be frontliners and front-to-back disruption. Their goal was to keep the fight in control, and the consequence of this meant that assassins had a harder time jumping in on their target. Tanks were not made for assassin stopping specifically. It was just a side effect. But assassins like Zed just build {{item:3071}} and they can shred through anyway. So tanks counter nothing. They are unable to do their job right now. In lane Conqueror just forces you to stay away from your wave. And then you cannot farm, and as a result the rest of the game is scaling. And even if you give up lane priority, that means you leave your river and jungle open to invades, not to mention if you even decide to leave your lane once, your wave will get pushed and gooodbye turret plates. And because of the abuse of TP, the 6 min cd really shuts down top tanks that have to join teamfights frequently. It's a sad state for tanks at the moment and it seems there's no resolution coming to fix them.
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