Backtrack is too strong in ARAM

Please Riot, every time you release a new champion, new item or new summoner spell, the community complain about the same thing every time, and still you refuse to listen: Do not overpack your stuff. Backtrack has two benefits, a shield and movement. Currently there are no other summoner spell that can compete with BT, even adcs pick it because it´s an emergency exit in case the enemy team have an hard engage champion. Mages can pick backtrack because with the exception of some champions, or an specific build, there are no need of clarity with the hight amount of pasive mana regeneration in the map. And for the rest of the roles , assasins, tanks and fighters is a yes yes. Mi sugestion: Bring back Barrier, and remove shield from backtrack. Would be necesary a compensation buff? In my opinion NO, because the user should know that if you want to tower dive yolo420, your gonna have to get hurt period, this would make the summoner more suitable for champions that actually build health and armor and not everyone. But if the spell still feels weak and people thinks need a buff, i was thinking in making BT interact with distance traveled. The distance you are teleported to safety increase acording to the distance you traveled since its activation. This whould make {{summoner:39}} and {{summoner:5}} a solid combination for example, also this would make the spell more apealing to some assasins and fighters, also this would increse the options in combinations of summoners spells and not just {{summoner:4}} + something else {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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