decided to look into Hashinshin's Ryze outcry, most of it is exaggerated

to preface this, the gap between master ryze win rate and diamond ryze win rate is 6% difference. master ryze is hovering at a 52% win rate over the past 7 days whereas diamond ryze is at a 46% win rate. hashinshin is currently diamond 1 at 50% win rate. after analyzing the last 22 days worth of ranked games I've found the following information: - 12 games out of 156 were against ryze (not role specific, just in general) - 5/12 games he lost which reflects ryze's win rate in diamond but isn't large enough sample size to conclude this - hashinshin claims that ryze just has to build seraphs + frozen heart to attain some huge amount of AP. In reality Seraphs + Frozen Heart nets Ryze (level 16) 138 ability power and 3126 mana. Mana is a huge benefit to Ryze's Q, W , E and shield passive but hashinshin exaggerates its power. additionally, there was only one ryze game where the individual itemized this way and won, the win may have been affected by other reasons though. - hashinshin also doesn't know the difference between mages. playing bruisers so much has made his brain numb to the fact that other classes have subclasses that divide champions into niches. ryze is a mage, yes but he is more specifically a battle mage. vladamir is another example of a battle mage. - ryze loses to the champions that hashinshin primarily plays (aatrox, kled, olaf) essentially, hashinshin is over exaggerating to compensate that he actually doesn't know how to play ryze or how to play against ryze despite winning more games versus ryze. I honestly don't know what this guy's problem is, I used to listen to him and agree with him but any time someone goes top lane that he doesn't like he becomes whiny. just shut up and play the game. I'm tired of certain champions too but I still log on and try to win

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