Top lane is okay only if Sion and Urgot are banned

Like you take those two champions out of the meta or ban them away and people start picking healthier champions. Sure it's still counter pick heaven with Fiora/Jax/Riven/Kennen/Pantheon and all that stuff, but at least you're not getting stat checked and completely out gunned just because of the way Sion/Urgots kits work and how there base scalings are like. There's room for outplay on healthier champions than Sion and Urgot Some notable things about Sion/Urgot Sion: His abilities don't proc minion aggro if he wants to poke you, and in most scenarios goes even or ahead in lane depending on the situation. Urgot: You just lose if hes running spell book honestly Edit: Hopefully new conqueror fixes some top lane champion pools, but it might make things worse, who knows
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