Pause with limited time for League of Legends!!

I would like to know why in League of Legends there isn't pause in any kind of match, I mean a pause that really works for both teams. Because the pause now a days doesn’t work and the reason is when someone disconnect and send a permission to pause for the other team, mostly of the cases don’t show it or the opposite team takes advantage on the team with absent players like 5 versus 4. For example when someone disconnect from the game, or the internet goes offline for him the team with absent player has an opportunity to pause the game with limited time until he comes back in time to play a nice, fair and clean whatever match it is. In my opinion it's unfair unpause the game if there are absent players, make a fair pause for everyone. It’s obvious when the disconnected players don't reconnect then the game could remake at any time of the game because it's unfair for those who didn't disconnect lose the game, lose their LP in ranked games because about trolls and people who doesn't reconnect . Seriously, I know it isn't good mentioning other games in this site but, there is another moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) called DOTA 2 (Defence of the ancients 2) with a functionally pause to use and it really works there. And I know you have projects to prioritize, but on my opinion it's pretty simple to do a functionally pause on League of legends, because it already exists on custom game and tournaments by creating it and text on chat the commands "/pause", "/unpause" meanwhile the custom match. Please for better and fair matches just do it, I am imploring, begging and hoping for it come true one day. There are so many decussions on board and I've never seen a rioter answer, explain why riot does not do anything about it. Here are some examples:
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