I get so tired of my lanes being ruined by a turret diving jungler

And proceeds to turret dive for AT BEST, a kill trade. But generally, they just suicide and give over any advantage we had in the lane. Bonus points when they do it early enough to donate double buffs. Shit just infuriates me. I dont know what goes through their mind as they solo dive a janna/leona/rakan/anything with ignite on them, with exhaust, with 40% hp so even the turret is gonna 2 shot them. I just dont understand. They can't be satisfied with getting sums. Oh miss 3 abilities? Dive anyways! Yea I'm salty as shit. Ive had 3 games ruined in the last 2 days cause some guy shows up bot, and just dives with no help. Even if he has help, hes 100% dead. He already has turret aggro.
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