I hope in S10, they fix klepto vlad, klepto keenen, and klepto kayle

God I fucking hate all 3 of those champions, because of how broken kleptomancy is on them, I permaban vlad every game unless he is prepicked on my team. The amount of abuse you suffer from their poke as well as the fact that even if you don't die to them in lane, they will outscale you with the absurd amounts of gold they get from klepto, and by that time you lost because you have no pressure in your lane and couldn't help your team do anything at all as a top laner. Even if you get ahead, vlad can just heal up on minions, and not give a fuck about anything you try to do to him (G2 Wunder did this at worlds into c9 licorice after he griefed his lane playing absolutely horribly), and kayle can just do the same as vlad but more farm oriented and litearaly getting to win a upper hand coinflip while not caring the slightest about map awareness or anything that is core to the team game that top is supposed to be a part of by using globals or tps to make good plays for your team, and that is litearlly imo the most important skill set of top lane, and these kayle and vlad players literally get to ignore this important skill. Keenen takes skill to play, but the keenen's i see at d1 are absolutely terrible at the game, and i expect d1 to be a good elo for players, but i play against a keenen who understands nothing at all about trading as keenen and he gets to be d1, an absolutely joke of how broken keenen is. An example of what keenen being broken is right here https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=entranced. Quas is good at the game, but that doesn't mean you have the right to fp top lane klepto keenen, not care at all about counterpicks, and achieve 80% winrate. High elo top lane should be full of knowing to play all match ups and playing the best champions for each matchup, not just braindead spamming klepto keenen top and getting such a disgusting winrate. In jungle, this is more acceptable because jungle is more about understanding the game, not getting counter picked, and having the mechanics to back up your skill. At least lucian top takes skill to play in the mid game or he gets outscaled, even if klepto lucian is such a good pick and he is really hard to play against as melee, and vayne is open to ganks set ups.
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