AS a Kalista Main about her Balance

Hello im a Kalista Main of thr EUW Servers. Ive been playing her since her realease. At first i thought she wouldnt be OP now i think she is a bit . Ithought about some changes and there are my ideas: Passive The same but the Jump Range wont scale with her boots. Small Jumps are enough Q I think its a good ability and shouldnt get changes at all. W I think this is one of the bigger problems. With her W she has insane poke in the early and its magic damage. In % . I think this needs a hard change .. 20% at 5 is incredible. My Ideas : No % Damage . Not such a high number of scaling . i think about flat Damage Kalista and an Allie hit the same Enemy. The second basic (Q) will do x Damage and gives your Team vision. This will give slightly less early game pressure but you will keep seeing them and can basic them. I think its a balanced ability then. The active is the same E I think this ability is fine maybe a bit less damage. R This is the biggesst Problem of her Abbilities. A KNOCKUP and a life savig ability . aoe . I think it should be a Stun KNOCKUP which can be countered , like Alistar Q or Nautilus Ult. At the Moment there is zero counterplay. Spellshields and thats it . The R can get a small Damage for it like 80/150/220 but now you can QSS it or use Cleanse. I think this would give her a more balanced kit. I know everybody Gates the passive but we have Annie Naut Taric Alistar and many more Pointand click stuns . Not upgrading the Jump Range is fair then. Well thats it let me hear your Opinion about it. And sorry for my English its not the best and im writing On a mobile ^~^
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