The Problem with Item/Class Balance In Simplest Terms

It's a hell of a lot easier to build a mobile champ to have good damage and durability than to build a champ with good damage and durability to be mobile. Steraks and Maw are good items on juggernauts that both got nerfed for being too strong and yet juggernauts never saw much play. Why? Because you can get more out of your stats when you're mobile, and the current item/mastery offerings really don't encourage committing to building damage. PS: More often than not, the thing keeping your desired champ/class out of play is the thing that's getting picked instead of it, not the class that you think is countering yours. For instance, everyone tends to blame ADC for everything, despite the fact that juggernauts won't see play so long as tank Ekko/Fizz/Yasuo/Akali are options, regardless of how hard you nerf ADC.

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