riot's method to trash games

After thousands of games, I spotted the pattern that decides games : if the algorithm wants you to win, they place 2 decent players in your team. If the algorithm doesn't like you, it will give you 3 trash. It's absolutely flawless. People say it's impossible, that riot cannot predict games, etc etc... When it's really that simple : they will give you 2 good players for a win, 1 for a loss.. That's it! And that's why absolute garbage climbing and good players tanking. Demonstration : game 1 "woah that panth inted, he lost the game for his team!" Except... No. All the opposite. I absolutely destroy the ennemy team. that's the game at 2:50 Yes, they managed to feed 2 kills in the first minutes. While I got my kills by planning and outsmarting my opponents, my team just greeded stupidly in lane. Then they did everything to trash the game. They made sure to int hecarim everytime he ganked, and to ruin every ganks of mine. Ex : He doesnt even bother to auto once. the premium grabs turning of the game : yi is dead again, bot is invading near red. I almost get a kill on pyke, he manages to escape with 84 HP (not sure he would have without fed 2 kills and four assists) At this point, I have to summon herald as it's 8 seconds to disappearing. But of course, since yi is dead, xerath knows he can safely roam in our jungle. He just presses E and I'm dead. Meanwhile, kaisa is afk farming. Then she finishes pyke, getting a kill for a job that's 99% mine. That's the game at 15 : At this point, the game is pretty much done for. I try to get some farm in their jungle, but for some mysterious reason, our mid is top?? I know xerath is missing, so I pay attention, and when I get some vision on him, I try to ult him. But he's so fed he presses 1 button and I'm dead. Yi's fault again. In fact, the guy was autofilled mid, and, instead of telling anything, he just trolled. At this point, it was over, everytime I met someone, they were so fed they just had to press a button and I was dead. The team was doing nothing, always in the wrong places. Ex : bot dies stupidly, nobody cares about bot's inib. I have to defend it, I try to, as possible, but garen only has to press E and R, and I'm dead. Same thing again, and again, and again... Until the game is lost. I would have carried with a decent mid, if he just bothered to right click on the ennemies when I gank. I would have won with a decent supp, who just points his mouse on ennemies before pressing Q. I would have won with a decent adc, if she right clicked on the ennemies when I ganked. But riot placed THREE uncarryable noobs in the same team. A coincidence? Ok game 2 : gnar support, we don't even flame him or anything. Then... Draven has a good farm but borderline inting. He clearly doesn't want to bother playing safe without support. Yet gnar doesn't care, he roams top and leaves him solo. bot and mid destroy him, then me, when I was trying to help. If gnar was him, it was a 3v3, it might have been different. I tell him that he's support, not jungler, and that instead of doing krugs, he must stay with draven. But?? I mean, that's intentionally losing. Riven and draven inting, staying away during teamfights, but chasing stupidly to the fountain when everybody's going back. Could have been an easy win, but they constantely kept throwing. Once again, the 3/2 rule : 2 bad players is carryble, 3 is not. 3d game : mid is obviously a smurf with a bot account jinx carries frequently, and I was premade with yorrick. Though yorrick and I didn't do great, we still managed to be useful and not feed. Zyra was bad. The game was won at champ select. 4th game : Illaoi and I destroyed the game, the rest was pure trash. kaisa : does TERRIBLE every single time she plays adc. Consistently lower damages than everyone else in the game. mid feeds 90% of the times he plays yasuo : support feeding and braindead The 2/3 rule again. 5th game : Top is a feeder, he's always asking for ganks, I'm always ganking him, but he's always dying before I can arrive. He has 50 farms when GP has 120. Yasuo and kaisa are feekills, literally offering themselves in the middle of the lane, over and over. Thresh is pretty good. 2/3 rule again. And I've noticed this pattern every single time I go to ranked. Now, I would be willing to admit it's my fault IF the way I played had any influence on the outcome. The thing is, in all those games, I've done pretty well. Except ONE, and, this ONE game I played meh... Is the only one that was won. The games where I played the best, were the one lost the hardest. That makes absolutely no fucking sense if we pretend it's a skill-based game where both teams are balanced, random, and our performance is what determines victory. But if we admit the game is rigged, and winning is determined by how riot dispatches players in teams, then that makes a lot more sense.
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