The new season hasn't even started and already Ezreal is being annoying

Is there ever a time when Ezreal is not either: A) Abusing an item/build/rune/whatever and being stupidly broken or annoying B) Trash For God's sake, fix this champion already so he doesn't fluctuate between God-tier and trash-tier so much. I swear to God, either he's completely broken, or completely useless, and never anything in between. This single champion alone is probably the sole reason many items and/or masteries/runes have been nerfed, simply because HE is abusing them. And please don't take the long route to solve this very simple problem. I know how Riot likes to balance the game: X is OP, so instead of nerfing X, let's create Y and make Y OP, so that now both X and Y are OP, and if everything is OP, then nothing is, right? Wrong. Just fucking nerf X and there you go. I.e. make kleptomancy weaker on ranged champions. Problem solved.
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