PSA: You main doesn't need a 55% win rate to be viable

EDIT: Typo right in the title. Sigh. If your champ is hovering at a 49-51% win rate, CONGRATS! They are viable. They don't need buffs. You can play them just fine. Sure, they may not be as strong as they were at some point, but every champion has its ups and downs. Just because your main had a 53% win rate at one point does NOT mean they need buffs when they're sitting at 50% now. If you actually played the champ because you liked them as opposed to just abusing them when they were flavor, its not a big deal. It's pretty ridiculous when people demand buffs for their main who is currently sitting at a 51% win rate. Like what do these people want? They want their balanced champ to receive buffs that they dont need so they'll be broken and permaban for a patch before getting gutted? If you only want to play a champ when they're top tier 54% WR, ***you're NOT a main***
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