How do you kill the enemy nexus without winning in a big teamfight?

While winning teamfights is a major element of the game and you shouldn't lose the game without losing in a fight against the enemy team, it is genuinely difficult to do anything meaningful other than elder dragon and teamfighting when both teams have their nexus open, but with all inhibitors alive. In these types of scenarios, teams are generally grouped together in a defensive position, so you can't really pick off anyone. Therefore, if the enemy team happens to have a slightly better teamfighting comp than you do in solo queue, chances are that you're gonna lose the game in this rare situation. While I know that this is an intended feature of the gameplay element of league, I would like to know if there are any viable (or weird) strategies to win in these types of situations other than waiting for the enemy team to mess up or attempt to base race with you. Would really appreciate any sort of strategies, even if they may not always work. Edit: I should have said this more clearly, but the enemy team has 0 towers but all inhibs up whilst your team can't win in teamfights.
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