A Question, in regard to Syndra Stun and Combos.

So, not being a thousand percent familiar with every interaction in the game, I may or may not have fed a Syndra three kills as a jungler, because I misunderstood how her kit actually works. What I **THOUGHT** happens, was that when she pushes the ball, it was the ball in motion that caused the stun. I thought that the ball had to be down *then* pushed for the stun to take effect. Her tooltip literally says, "Enemies ***HIT*** by Dark Spheres are stunned." What happened to me, was that she would throw a ball down, I would gap close past it, but then she would shove me and the ball away from her, and this would proc her stun. I guess it registered as a hit despite me being on the close side of the ball, even though I wasn't hit by it as we traveled. I'm also saw her e and then throw the ball, which still proc a stun, which I thought was weird, but then after some very quick research (youtube) I saw that this is actually a trick for persons who want to learn Syndra. Like this has been a thing for at least 2 years. I dunno, just seems weird to me. I guess the question(s) I have would be, A) What would be the best way to gank a Syndra as a Graves, B) Does anyone else think that the problem I've describe is pretty B.S., as well?
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