Bot lane it's not the problem. It's a consequence of a even bigger problem.

If supports received super OP defensive items to nullify damage for your whole team through the seasons, was because riot introduced enough damage in the game to easily annihilated a whole team without effort. If support new runes are full of boring, ridiculous, binding and anti-fun free defensive status it's also because runes randomly increased the damage of everyone else by a whole fucking lot for no freaking reason at all. Runes not only have a fucking high base damage but also scale through the game. Well fuck this hate on supports. Ask a traditional support this season to not build any item that give shields, heals or increase shields and heals and see what happens. Spoiler alert: prepare yourself to hardest stomp of your life. You are doomed to buy that shit. It's not an option. We are hostages of that shit balance where riot increase damage to the sky and then we need to create new forms every season to nullify damage too. I want to support through my champion kit. I want my champion kit reworked, buffed, nerfed, whatever to make sure that my core mission is complete without item shenanigans but i can't. I'm hostage of the insane fucking damage everyone have. Check this small and innocent rune: press the attack. It give a fucking flat bonus damage and increase all damages by 12%. 12 FUCKING % I used to do 3 millions backflips to get the mastery that used to increase our damage by 3%. Fuck this. Damage is so insanely high that riot forced the support role to build all sort of shit to try to even things out. If building a support item was a question of decision making and interesting gameplay, I would not mind. {{item:2065}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3905}} are a good example of a support items I enjoy and they are either not too oppressive or are just not a raw stick of necessary power. Please, rework soraka again and all supports too, and fuck items and fuck the damage and fuck runes.
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