Katarina is disgustingly overpowered

THIS IS A SECONDARY ACCOUNT. I AM SPEAKING FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF MY SILVER II EUNE ACCOUNT 'Xephire'. I was just up for promotion to Silver 1. The Zed in my game gave Katarina 2 kills. She roamed bot and got a double kill in a split second when we were full HP. Zed gives katarina 2 more kills, she comes bot and kills us under turret. Etc Etc, she ended the game with 24/1. This Katarina showed no skill other than the ability to press E, then W, then R and was rewarded with promotion and an easy 20 minute win. How can Riot not do anything about this? I accept she is not OP early game but it's impossible to deal with raw burst unless you have a tank with CC who is fed to high hell in order to live long enough in her ulti range to CC her. Unlike many champs you can't justify her damage with "Oh, she's hard to master" or "Just don't feed her" because her damage mid-late game will allow her to pick up multi kills and get fed anyway. Ridiculous champion.
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