Tahm's toplane situation explains the complete lack of balance for toplane.

Yeah, im heavily convinced considering he's a lazier version of Top Vik. You can't play any melee matchup into him without expecting your ass to do nothing for 15 minutes being constantly harassed by wide long Qs that apply a passive stack that decays so slow and decays per stack. I thought top vik was a hell of its own, but Top Tahm has not only taken that title but has surpassed it. So what does this have to do with toplane? Simple: They don't have any idea on how to keep the lane balanced without shit from other lanes coming in and breaking shit. Top's roster is already huge enough (Largest in the game), and if you add champs that can also infiltrate the lane to cheese, it means a good half or more than half of the champions in this game can go top. Combine the TP nerf that made toplane become an island again, and we've come full circle minus the tanks (Tahm's practically a juggernaut). No other role has gotten shafted this fucking bad. Sure, jg's been shafted time and time again, but at least Riot does changes to help them from time to time. Mid and AD rarely go long without changes if shit is sour (Minus the Aftershock Fiasco). Support gets shafted for the most part, but they are at least stable in most aspects. Top is the fucking wild west. Can we get some fucking order in our trainwreck of a lane for once? Please? Its very annoying when stuff like this happens and we are forced to wait almost months till it gets nerfed (meaningfully).
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