Someone tell me the point of soloque again.

Since i'm playing league since beta only to start playign ranked during mid season 2 i pretty much witnessed every change every champion release every system change both clients etc etc. Aka ik my damn shit unlike season 5 players who think they are veterans nowadays. So give a reason why soloque exists IN THE CURRENT INCARNATION OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS? Season 1-4 it was actual soloque. Why? Because if you outclassed your enemy you could win the game SOLO regardless if your incompetent do..)Nahh i'll keep it cuss free this time.) adc lost botlane because a solo player had enough of an advantage in terms of xp and gold by beeing SOLO and getting the resources out of that lane SOLO which meant far easier carrying capabilities. Now? Now you mean to tell me that IF i wanna climb i HAVE to above all play a top priority meta champ or else i get stat checked by default.(Looking at Camile and her broken kit) And even if I DO play a HP pick i'm STILL forced to focus around my botlane in order to win. Because even if i'm 4-0 as a midlaner/toplaner/jungler i ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO go bot and win the lane for them. It doesnt matter if top and mid wins as long as the enemy adc is stronger than ours they WIN period. ( Well unless they got a troll support like Lux or Teemo or someshit ). It's DISGUSTING and it isnt soloque. All tactics revolve around getting alead and camping bot. Nothing else nada everything else is garbage or can be EASILY dealt with. I don't need macro or micro to win. I just pick something with CC get a lead IF i happen to get one before the lvl 3 jungler with DB's comes top at 2.50 or Mid ofc i'm not gonna bitch about toplane ganks alone. Shut me down with A SINGLE GANK and now i just pray my botlane gets a small lead so they carry me. I've no way of coming back i'm better off buying alocket and redemption and babysitting my adc even if i play Darius or Rengar top. And the funny thing the highest ever competitive winrate i had with Darius which was around 78-82 % in Diamond 2 with low masters mmr was when i played Darius ( when he was strong k i dont deny that ) but i RUSHED A F'N LOCKET 3rd item to enable my botlane to win the game for me cause i was USELESS post lane phase. It's not soloque it's Baby the adcQUe. Your solo performance has no value unless you bot decides to close out the game ( in competetive elo Plat 3+ the lowest below that the game doesnt exist for me even tho i've quit the game ( rank whise ) ) Might aswell make the game only dynamic QUe again or someshit with how enforced the baby the adc meta is. ALso about comebacks DO YOU KNOW WHY LOW ELO GAMES ARE SO EASY TO COMEBACK FROM? Because when your adc gets a lead he goes f'n botlane to splitpush like a de---( PG 3 i remember) trying to mimick other bad players like Gosu because they think they should be able to 1v1 assasins or mages even on 1.5 items. Eve when i play adc as soon as bot falls i run top as if my life depends on it. Grab tower move mid grab tower games over right there. Nothing they can do about it unless they got Anivia. And then they simply choke because their adc can't teamfight because i got a single item lead and i destroy everything. Then baron which is also disgusting atm.It completely changes the tempo of the game without much of an effort only a 50-50 smite involved and if the enemy manages to get there fast enough considering the average baron dies in 13-18 seconds ( at least in my games ). This ain't the game we loved. EVEN FOR ADC PLAYERS it's not fun. Why? Too much preassure on them. Litterally nowadays if you lose an even game it's pretty much ALWAYS the adc fault cause he did something stupid so he didnt get to oneshot the enemy team before the other adc. Fix yo shit. I used to play like 600games per season now i've played a total of 200ranked (because i spammed ranked on my smurfs early season trolling ) and now i can't even play 2 SR games in a row without wanting to punch something. EVEN IF I WIN not because i lose and tilt even if i win it's NOT fun. EDIT: And before someone comes in to *argue* about solo carry potential. Nah it's bs everything gives global gold. 1st tower?global gold/shutdowns?global gold everythign spoon feeds everything so if your team falls behind in towers the game is over.
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