Why does it feel like I'm playing against certainlyT in every game?

I've been playing this game for 6 years and it feels like for the last 5 I haven't been playing against other players, but CertainlyT himself with all of the ridiculous designs and overloaded kits being dump on champs and what he reworks on. CertainlyT isn't designing champs I'll main or are fit for me, I don't have ADHD and fast reflexes. I've lost more elo to CertainlyT than players themselves, Zed, Yasuo, AKali, Morde, Thresh, Kalista, ect... Riot should also stop nerfing and reworking champs and then passing on their toxic kit to newer champs, and just come out of closet and admit CertainlyT had some input on Pyke. Riot molested Eve's design because they claim invisibility and stun was anti fun but then creates Pyke. Alpha Le male le out! https://i.imgur.com/VVzuUCo.png
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